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    i had to delete everything off my treo 650 calendar and thought i can synch it with my desk top to get the data back, but i forgot to have the desktop overwrite the handheld and now everything on my desktop calendar is also gone... is there anyway i can get the info back on my desktop and my handheld? i have not synched it since this morning....
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    If you are using the palm desktop then there is always a backup file of the calader, unless you sync'ed twice than you probably over wrote that also. If the backup exsits and is larger than current than make a copy for safe keeping and rename backup to match current after deleting current.
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    nope - haven't synched it since everything has been erased.
    where do i find the back up file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dotkoo
    nope - haven't synched it since everything has been erased.
    where do i find the back up file?
    First, let's make sure that your desktop data is gone. Launch the Palm Desktop and make sure that there's nothing in the Calendar...while you're at it, you might check Contacts, Tasks and Memos, too.

    So, assuming the data's missing from there, close Palm Desktop, fire up Windows Explorer and navigate to your /Palm/<username>/ directory. Within that, you should see datebook, addressbook, todos and memos directories; within each of those, you should see the appropriately named .dat and .bak files. For each PIM app that's missing data on the desktop, do the following:

    1. Rename the .dat file to .old (datebook.dat to datebook.old, for example)
    2. Rename the .bak file to .dat (datebook.bak to datebook.dat)
    3. After you've done that for each PIM app missing data, launch the Palm Desktop.

    Is the data there now? If so, close Palm Desktop and do the following:

    1. Right click the Hotsync Manager icon in your program tray
    2. Choose Custom
    3. Change the action of the conduit(s) in question to "Desktop overwrites handheld"
    4. Hotsync
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    thanks so much~~ i got most of the data back - for some reason, not all of them.. but i am totally happy to get most of the data back~~~
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    For future reference, it probably is a good idea for you to invest in a good SD backup app like backupman or Backupbuddy as well!
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