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    I am buying a Treo 650 and was hoping to import/sync my Act 6.0 database. Is this possibe? If so, do I need to buy additional s/w?

    Also, we have multiple users on Act and wanted to know if I can select by user so that only my contacts move over.

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I hate to be the ogre that brings up the obvious, but have you tried searching the forums for an answer? Try searching only titles, instead of the entire article and you will find a lot of discussion about it.

    Having said that, I think you want to look at Companionlink - does everything you ask. That's what I use along with Agendus to keep my ACT! data happy on my 650.
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    Rouxdoo hit it on the mark, I second Agendus and the Companionlink software. It is a conduit that allows the data on ACT including notes to sync to Agendus, they also have awesome tech support.

    If you choose that option don't forget to select Companionlink under Storage Format in the Agendus Preferences drop down menu.

    Act for Palm only works on the 600. The new Act 2005 for Palm is a memory hog. The old ACT!Link is available for Free from Act, it might work for you, I just use Companionlink since it can sync both ways and does much more. Just go to the following link for more info.

    Here is the link:


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