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    haven't seen it covered here yet. just released a new piece of software that allows you to stream audiobooks to your treo. Great for daily commute. I guess.

    But with software like gloonet already available, is it really worth the monthly costs (+-$15 for one book and some magazines)

    NY times reports:
    "Direct wireless downloading may sound like an obvious way to get audio onto a cellphone. But somehow, the music and cellphone industries still haven't figured out how to do it. Even the new "iTunes phone," the Motorola Rokr, doesn't let you download songs directly; you must load from a Mac or PC. The obstacles are partly technological - how satisfying will it be to search a two-million-song database on a two-inch screen? - and partly economic, as telecom and entertainment giants grapple for what's expected to be an enormous and lucrative market."

    I find the above funny, since we've all been streaming to our treos for eons now...

    here's the ny times article:
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    the article also says that it doesn't actually stream the content - it downloads it wirelessly before you can listen to it. Seems dumb.

    Also, "Audible provides this more typical example: If, every day, you make 40 minutes of calls, download four audio programs and listen to 90 minutes of them, expect to have to recharge the Treo every other day or so."

    I would like to know where they got their treos and what kind of super batteries they have!
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    Works well for daily subscriptions like NY Times where it downloads automatically at a specific time overnight and is ready for you when you wake up..
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    Haven't seen another post on this - Audible now supports wireless audio downloads directly to the Treo. You have to queue it up online (no search and purchase on Treo). This allows for a daily audio newspaper, for example, to be downloaded automatically each morning. It will also download books in one hour chunks (when you've listened to the first 45 minutes it will automatically download the next hour overnight for your next morning commute). Nice. Good NYT review (NYT online registration required).
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    I've been using this for about 3 weeks now or so and other than the one real problem it has I love it. I sync with my computer via BT and if your an audible user you know that you can't connect and download books with BT. This allows me to download books as I need them and can be setup to refresh your content on set intervals. In other words if you have it set to download 1 hour a day of a book for example, at the preset time it will go out find where you left off and download another hour of the book. This way you always have an hour of book on hand; you can though change the hour to virtually anything from 5 min to 5+ hours or the entire book. I love the idea EXCEPT the one little tiny eeney beeney microscopic problem...

    If your a audible user you may have noticed in the past that the length of the bok listed in your new or heard tab on the website shows a different book length than what the book actually is. For example I just finished Eragon part 2 it was 8:17 min long per the download and the audible transfer to my SD card. The website as well as audible air only show this title being 7:57 long (give or take a min or two I'm trying to remember these). Point is, using audibleair doesnt let you finish any section of the book as the last 17-20 minutes is not available for download. I've tried everyway I can think of to override this but it just won't download the last bit. I reluctantly sent in an email to tech support actualy yesterday on this and have recieved a reply stating they do not have a treo 650 to test on (my thoughts were how did they right the program then? I think right now it's only available for palm.... oh well they should fix this pretty quick)

    It's a nice program for anyone using audible and I recommend it to all T650 users. Now if we could just get audible to allow users to trade books, I have like 40 in my library now....

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    FYI - a detailed review of Audible Air on Treonauts.
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    I've been using it for a while and I had few problems. The only one I'm still having is that it showed the wrong running time for a program and I couldn't get the whole program.
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    I have been in repeated back and forth emails with tech support and they just don't GET IT. I made 8 screenshots from the desktop software, thier website and screenshots from the audibleair program itself on the palm and showed them the time differences and they just don't seem to understand. The first 2 people kept telling me well just select the remaining 12 minutes don't stop at xx:xx or you will never hear the end... Argh. I'm now working with a teamlead who doesn't seem to know much more and is convinced the problem is only in the ONE BOOK even though you can clearly see the difference in all the books I emailed them. Oh well they will fix it someday.

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    If your an Audible subscriber you might wanna look into a new tool they have called AudibleAir. It's a new Audible Client for the Treo that downloads the audio books from your library for you to listen to.

    I got it the other day and I must say it's really sweet. I've been an audible subscriber for over a year and I love the service! I have like 20 some audio books in my library and it's great to be able to just choose one and dl it to my treo in a few minutes.

    I did 2 differnt books, they took about 4 minutes each and the sound quality was decent.

    ps- Normal Data charges apply so make sure you have a unlimited package! I have Cingular.
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    So they download pretty fast (and how big was the file you downloaded)? I was on the webpage the other day looking at it and thinking about the Charlie Rose subscription...thought it would be cool during the commute and such to download the content every day.
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    Were these mp3 files? Our library has mp3 books on the shelves. Is there a way to copy those to desktop, then download to Treo 600
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    What is nice is that subscriptions can be scheduled to auto-download overnight when the new version is posted. I trialed the Wall Street Journal Digest for a month (a freebie for participating in the beta) and it worked great.

    However, downloads are kinda slow. And worse, the downloads are "monolithic", so if one gets interrupted, you will have to start over from the beginning!

    Again, the best bet is to simply plug up your Treo to charge overnight, and initiate a download to run while you sleep. Again, you can schedule "refreshs" that will auto connect at night to download user-selectable sections of a book. (So if you download 2 hours at a time, you can set AudibleAir to pull down new content, once you have listened to at least 1 hour of the existing content.)

    I usually just pull down complete (and unabridged) books at top quality in one big download to my memory card. For example, Freakonomics runs 6 hours and 26 minutes and is 44 megs in size. I don't really remember, but am guessing it took 40-45 minutes to download OTA.

    A quick note: They released a newer version after the beta, so be sure to get the latest version before you start using it.
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    I use Audible Air. I signed up for the listener program and have to admit I wish I had heard of this earlier. It's a great service.
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    Audible Air is AWESOME! I love being able to download my newspaper wirelessly whenever I want. Even while I am sleeping. Very cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcowperthwaite
    Were these mp3 files? Our library has mp3 books on the shelves. Is there a way to copy those to desktop, then download to Treo 600 uses their own proprietary ".aa" file format, they support about 150 different portable devices - some can play .aa files natively, others (including Treos and other Palms).. need to have a player installed, and then they also give you the Audible desktop manager to run on your pc, which is free.

    Their .aa files are encoded to run only on a player "registered" to a customer's account. This means if I went to, bought a book, downloaded the .aa file and sent it to you as an .aa file and you loaded it into your Audible-capable player on any platform, it would not play because it's keyed to my account and password. That's how they protect their content.

    I'm working on a compehensive article/story/review of AudibleAir which should be on TC's front page in the next few days. Been using the thing for months.
    It has a couple of minor bugs, but otherwise is fairly bulletproof. And yes you can run AudibleAir and the Palm Audible player entirely off a card and not have to load anything internally at all.

    Audible desktop does let you burn your .aa files as Audio CDs. Sometimes, though this takes MANY CDs, as a 700mb CD-R can only hold about 74 minutes maximum, and many audio books run into many hours, so the software splits it across multiple CD-Rs. As far as turning them into mp3 files, you can probably figure out the rest yourself.

    All of Audible's software is free - the desktop, AudibleAir, the portable player software. It's the content (audio books and magazines) that costs money, although there is some free content on their site, most of it is political speeches.

    AudibleAir will do nothing unless you have an account with them and already have some purchases sitting in the "my library" area or your account on their Web site.

    Why am I replying to such an old thread? Because in doing some more research for this article, I wanted to see what, if anything, people here had said about AudibleAir. So stay tuned for the article.

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    The biggest problem with Audible Air (not to steal some thunder from your review, Harv) is its inability to run in the background or with the screen off. When you downloading multiple megabyte files (over Sprint's network) it's a waste of battery to leave the screen on when you can't do anything, and I would like to be able to fire off an email while I wait for the file to download.
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    Quicknews also suffers from this
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    Can you playback with the screen off or in the background?
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