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    I normally post on Brighthand but I'm considering buying a Treo as my next device. Incidentally, I've created an online application for storing bookmarks for web enabled handhelds/mobile phones.

    You can find it here:

    A summary of it's features:
    • Store your favourite bookmarks on a single page.
    • Logs in automatically as your default page in your browser.
    • Light - short loading time.
    • Free
    • Works on a PC too so you can store bookmarks while at work and then access them from your handheld.

    All in all not a revolutionary product but it does exactly what it should.

    WAYF (silly name, I know) is still new so I would appreciate any comments and suggestions you may have right here in this thread.

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    Is this a free service or is there a fee> What is the fee? The T&C indicate a low price but I don't see the price.
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    Free! As long as you have an internet connection...
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    Could anybody provide me with a screenshot of WAYF on a Treo 600 and 650?

    I would like to know if the html/css should be fine-tuned. Please put your screenshot in this thread and state your Treo model and browser.


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