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    I have an issue w/ my Treo 650 and I'm dying for some help.

    I have a Cingular Wireless Treo 650 and I paired it with a Mot HS820 (known to work with other cell phones). It exhibits an unusual behavior. It pairs successfully and I can make a call without any problem. However, affter receiving the call I lose my connection to the bluetooth headset (I have a blue "B" instead of the headset symbol in my Treo). To regain the connection I must power cycle my headset. I also tried pairing a Treo brand headset and had the same behavior (I also reset my Treo).

    After having no luck here, I returned my Treo and I got a new one, same behavior w/ the HS820 (btw, for the call that I make, the reception is great). Frustrated I went to a Cingular store and they said they'd heard of the issue, and suggested I buy a different headset (HS850 from Mot). Of course the behavior is the same (at least w/ the 850 it's easy to power cycle).

    So I've tried two different Treos and three different headsets and I have the same results. I'm positive that my Treo has paired successfully with my headset in every case (I enter the code and all the lights flash and it confirms that pairing has been completed).

    Has anyone seen anything like this? Palm's tech support was unsurprisingly useless.

    Thank you in advance if you can help!


    p.s. My firmware version is 01.31 and my sw is Tre650-1.15-CNB
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    I have EXACTLY the same problem except with an HS850. I am wondering if there is a timeout setting on the Treo to conserve battery life. There may also be one on the Motorola, but I don't know yet. I read something about that on another thread.

    Have you resolved this yet? Anyone else?

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    The problem I have with the HS850 is that it does not autoanswer with my cingular treo 650, eventhough it is set for autoanswer on second ring in the handsfree profile. I have to manually press the multifunction button (MFB) in the HS850 twice. Once to make it connect to the phone and second time to make it answer the call. By the time I do both, I have usually already lost the call. So, instead, I have to answer the call with the phone, tell the person to hold on, and connect with my hs850 by pressing the MFB. This is akward to say the least, particularly when you are driving. The whole point of having one of this BT headsets is to be able to autoanswer when you are driving. What really bothers me is that this was done flawlessly with my old Motorola V600, which was FREE with service. Now I pay for this $400 phone and I cannot do it.... Does anyone have a solution to this problem other than getting another BT headset? and if that is what it takes, is there one that would autoanswer without having to press a button?

    On a side note, I have an acura MDX which has a bluetooth handsfree link. The treo also does not autoanswer with that, but does work when you manually answer with the handsfree link button.

    p.s. My firmware version is 01.31 and my software is Tre650-1.15-CNG

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