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    Whenever I'm working with an app. like an astronomy program, or Mapopopolis GPS, or watching TV, or whatever, and I get a message prompt, it interrupts the program to let me know I have some stupid message that I don't care about (most of the time).

    I've tried various settings to turn off messaging (which I never use), etc. with no luck.

    I'm still using the default Palm messaging and Versamail. Not a heavy-enough mobile email user to switch to Chatter.

    How can I stop messaging from interrupting other already-running programs?


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    If you never use messaging and don't care to, why not just disable it? Options/Preferences/Network/Manual, Edit...change the Message center number, MMS Gateway, MMS URL, etc.
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    I've already tried this, but the MMS number keeps resetting itself after manual soft resets.

    Which file is it so that I can edit it in backup or via hotsync?


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