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    I recently did a hard reset and I'm reinstalling my software. I have tried many different themes that are pussosed to support the signal meter, including the one I used before the reset with no problems. For some reason, I add the signal meter to the top or bottom bar and it does not show up. Again, I have tried this on many themes. Any ideas?

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    In the ZLauncher preferences, edit the top or bottom bar and add the signal meter, it seems like somehow you've either deleted it or maybe pushed it off the visible part of the bar, which is pretty easy to do if you're messing with it.

    Read the manual on how to do all that, it's pretty good.
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    Thanks for the reply. It actually turned out to be a combination of things, including it not fitting and becoming "invisible". When I unchecked Category in the top/bottom bar setup it showed up so I figured it out from there.

    Thanks again.

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