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    Anyone else have problems with the down d-pad? It has always been a little difficult for me to scroll down but I attributed that to my fat fingers, but now (as of today) I find that I have to push extremely hard to get it to work.

    Phone is about a month old. I'm assuming that this would be covered by warranty and I would NOT have to use my replacement plan (Sprint).
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    Yup. My first Treo had the same problem, although I didn't have to push all that hard. A few weeks later, the "P" key went, so I took it back to Sprint and exchanged it after about 35 days.

    Second unit has held up for about 8 months. Seems that the down pad is starting to wear a bit, but I'm not worried yet.
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    My T650 is almost a year old now. The only problem I have with the pad is my thumb nail has worn a flat spot and the paint off on the edge of the pad below the down arrow.

    It looks like a little headlight at night.


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