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    I have an ATT Treo600 unlocked and now working on Cingular. When I turn off the wireless (top button by antenna) The Treo displays the ATT "Goodby" screen, and when I turn the wireless back on, I get the ATT "Hello" screen.

    Is there any way I can get the corresponding Cingular screens, or at least change these for something else?
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    Yes, I downloaded the Cingular Splash screens from Shadowmite, and synced then to my T600. What I got was what looks like a default TREO screen, instead of the new Cingular screens.

    I searched and found a thread where someone else had a similar problem, and the solution was to delete a file with filez. Everything is back like it was.

    So, I probably need some instructions on how to install the Cingular overlay screens I downloaded from Shadowmite....any help is appreciated
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    How about using "Skinner"?

    Then you can use any splash screen you want.

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