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    Hello all,
    Did searching for my questions but could not find all the answers. Hoping to ask in one post and get some help.

    Just downloaded Ptunes. I'm not sure if I should install it on the phone or on the SD card. I have tried both but not sure what is the best.

    I can't sync Windows Media Player w/ my phone. Is that a big deal? I figure if that doesn't work I can just always do it w/ a SD card reader.

    So when I access and file from my SD card it shows the song on the play screen as "/Audio/(filename etc). Is there anyway to get it to show just the file name instead of what fold it's in? I want the song that's being played to look normal.

    Thanks for all your time.
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    dont put it on the card

    WMP has always sucked on my end

    dont know about the /audio/filename issue

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