I'm a new user so bare with me. I've read most of the links that I think are relevant but am still confused!

I have a unlocked 650 with FW 01.28 & SW 1.13-ROW. I'm on the Fido/ Rodgers system in Canada.

When I first turn the phone on, the 1st call I get sets the 650 into a soft reboot. After I turn to\he phone on again, it seems alright, all calls are answered. Is this a soft or hardware issue?

The 2nd problem is setting up my e-mail. I'm using the imap setup to my office e-mail which works well, it's when I try to send e-mail through gprs.fido.ca that nothing will go out. Fido says they don't support the 650 (crap) so their help ends there.

Any help would be Appreciated, thanks