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    And what should I get? I want to install a few apps, games and do some videos. 256MB too small? 512? And is ebay the cheapest?

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    I'm actually looking for a 1GB SD card for my future Canon Optura 600 and my Treo. There was recently a 39.99 sale on, but I went to the page when it was too late. Any other links?


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    CompUsa has the PNY 1Gb SD on sale right now for $59.99 from $99.99. I bought one and it works fine. Hope this helps. God Bless.
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    Try They have a 1GB SD card for $35 listed today, 12 Oct 05. Does require rebate, plus shipping.
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    Also Try, I Got A 1 Gig For 45 And Works Just Fine.
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    sometime they go as low as $40

    here's one
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    Who wants a "cheap" SD card???

    I always go with one that has a high read/write speed and high shock rating.
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    Costco often has good deals on SD cards.
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    Here's one for $34 after rebate + shipping from,EWB08059
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