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    I know equalizer settings are best set by the type of music listened to, but am wondering if anyone has found some they feel work well.

    If so, could you please post some screen shots?

    Thanks in advance...
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    I don't use the Eq as I find it not to be very good. Same thing with my iPod. IMO, the best quality across the board is found when leaving the Eq off.
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    recently, I started playing with the Eq on Ptunes. Shortly thereafter (like in less than 24 hrs) I noticed weird sound issue with my 650.

    - I couldnt hear callers via the built in earpiece.
    - My Bluetooth earpiece would answer and then immed. dump out and then I'd have to use the builtin earpiece - which wasnt working
    - With the speaker in the on position, no sound could be heard from the speakerphone
    - All ringers could be heard except for .amr files
    - the clicks that the treo makes when the cursor is moved cant be heard

    I pulled out the sim, turned off the phone for 24 hrs. and then reinstalled the sim and then my sound issues were resolved. However, the amr files still won't play.
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    The equalizer degrades the sound quality of the music. If you want a lot of bass with crappy sound, use the equalizer.

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