Ever since I did the last Sprint upgrade several months back, my treo has been a royal pain in the rear. The turbo battery drain thing has to be the most annoying aspect. The resets are bad, but the battery drain means that I never know when its going to work. I no longer use my GPS with the treo because its too unstable and now Mapopolis isn't supporting it anymore anyway. I don't use it as a MP3 player because the darn jack is so sensitive that its only a matter of uses before it'll break and render the phone inop. Bluetooth works, but only passably. Even Outlook syncing is not working as well as it should. UGH!!!!!

That was clearly the hate side of things.

On the positive side, I've had a Kyocera brick phone, then a Treo 300, 600 and the 650. I love converged devices. I never want to be without one. I love the screen. I can show my latest pictures of my new daughter on it and it's great. Functionally, when it's working, it works well. I use the internet and check e-mail regularly. Love it when its working but I wanted to throw it out of the window this AM when it was dead again.

I wish Palm/Sprint would release a fix. I've tried everything I can think of and it bothers me that Palm/Sprint provided a buggy update and hasn't fixed it yet.