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    Alright, so I get my girlfriend a Treo 650 for Verizon and I fell in love with it after watching her play around with it, so I got one for myself on Cingular.

    The first Treo I bought had a little background noise. Whenever I placed a call with it, you could hear what my girlfriend described very well by calling it "audible air". I noticed it when nobody was talking as well as during a conversation.

    So I get a warranty replacement shipped to me overnight. This one didn't seem to have as much of a noise problem but it made a "clicking noise" every time the screen turned off when on a call. Very annoying and distracting. So much for Treo #2.

    Off we go, ordering another replacement (this is Treo 650 #3). This one did not even dial out except when you put it on speakerphone. Dialing ANY number resulted in complete silence and by accident, I found out that you could make a call, but only on speakerphone.

    So I call again and have it escalated from the warranty department to something like the PDA Data Devices Specialists or whatever they're called. The nice lady promised me to send me a BRAND NEW Treo in the box with all the accessories. I thought, great. Well, let's just say that Treo #4 did not exactly perform so great. Unpacking it and all excited, but also a bit weary because of all the other problems with the other Treo's, I make my first call. Great, I thought, the noise issue wasn't there. Then, it also did the little clicking noise whenever the screen went off during a conversation (see Treo #2). This one was worse, though, because for whatever reason, the screen came on and off, faithfully annoying the hell out of me by giving off this clicking noise with the screen also distracting me by turning on and off.

    Having said all of this, my girlfriend's Verizon Treo 650 HAS NONE OF THESE ISSUES. In fact, it works perfectly. I also have a Sprint Treo 650, which I am selling, which also HAS NONE OF THESE ISSUES. No noise of any kind, no clicking, no problems dialing out, etc. And ALL these Treo's are the SAME MODEL, just on different carriers.

    What is going on here? I have the latest firmware on all of the Treo's by the way which makes no difference. So I guess I'm going to call the warranty department AGAIN today to get YET ANOTHER Treo. I don't get it, why is it that FOUR Treo 650's on Cingular are crap and the Verizon and Sprint ones work just fine?

    I've never had this many issues with any cellphone and I've owned quite a few. PLEASE help me if you have any ideas.
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    you returned it because it clicked when the screen turned on and off? I mean ... that happens once during a call on your treo #2. How annoying can that really be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam-i-am
    you returned it because it clicked when the screen turned on and off? I mean ... that happens once during a call on your treo #2. How annoying can that really be?
    thats a normal maybe try shutting off sound on buttons???
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    None of the original post makes any sense.. Someone is a little hypersensitive to 'clicks'. Not dialing out sounds like user error. The 'air' noise is probably a periodic GSM codec noise.

    I'm surprized Cingular has played along with all of this.
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    (Gee, what church do attend? Cingular was never this nice to me... Probably the wrong God right God kind of thing.)

    I bet you are somewhere with GSM signal interference.
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    Audible air? Welcome to GSM. That hissing is just a fact of life.

    I could be wrong, but both Verizon and Sprint are CDMA, hence the lack of "audible air."

    I've noticed the same click through a wired headset when the screen shuts off. Don't notice it through a BT headset. But even with the wired headset, I never gave it a second thought.

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