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    I've read several posts griping and moaning about the Treo 650. I've also read where a lot of owners are pleased with thier Treo.

    I've had mine for almost a week now and while I haven't explored all the possibilities, I am very pleased with my Treo. I upgraded from a Motorola Razr and the biggest challenge was getting used to the increase in weight. There is very little size difference in the two phones (thickness being the most obvious) but the weight was a big difference.

    I retired a Windows Mobile PDA and as far as the PDA functionality goes, the Treo is significantly smaller than my old HP. Essentially, it's a smaller PDA but a larger phone.

    I've owned several Palm devices and the OS wasn't hard to figure out. While I am very pleased with my Treo, if I could change anything it would be:

    - Thinner size in an effort to reduce weight. Either that or a lighter battery? Could the case be made of aluminum?
    - Wi-fi!
    - Have the ability to change the shortcut buttons on the Phone Screen. I've accidently hit the Voice Dial and Bill Balance buttons too many times. You can customize the empty buttons, you should be able to edit the pre-existing buttons.
    - Add a few games to the software package.
    - Use a standardized headphone jack.
    - Boost volume (Using Volumecare to help and it makes a world of difference. I can actually hear callers.)
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    Too many question in one post. The answer to the base question is that since they have fixed the file system problem, I am happy. Not interested in the 700W and not interested in a 700P in the short term. I was more than ready for the 600 and the 650 but this time they will have to sell me on an upgrade. Not interested in another step backward to make 1.5 forward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coppertop
    - Wi-fi!
    Heard a presentation by a Lucent executive yesterday. His premise was that Wi-Fi is dead. It will be replaced by 3G cellular.

    Consider that Verizon has abandoned its Wi-Fi initiative in New York City and is promoting CDMA/EVDO as a general purpose broadband connection for PCs. Consider that at least two PC makers have announced plans to include EVDO radios in new laptops.

    He admitted that Verizons price is too high. He thinks that they must/will get to $40- per month, i.e., the "popular" price point.

    He talked about B3G (2010). He said you could think of it as two T1s to your belt buckle and one T1 up.
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    Cellular data has *horrible latency*, one that that has plauged all of the incarnations of it that I've seen or heard of.

    I don't think WiFi is dead just yet.. Although if they fix the latency and lower the prices of cellular data, I can easily see it happening.
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    well, i ditched my SK2 for the treo and i am more then happy with it.

    keeping in mind i LOVED my SK2
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    530KBs, .423 sec latency, in PIE (empty cache)

    Verizon EV-DO on an XV6600 in so-so reception area

    One of life's great injustices is that the 650 doesn't have an EV-DO radio. If it had that & 128meg memory, it would have no competition for the foreseeable future, IMHO. I can't speak for other Treo's/carriers, but I can say in my case, instability/reliabilty issues are 100% third party s/w related. Other than the ludicrous memory size, this is a truly wonderful pda/phone, and I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.
    As a new owner myself, there are a couple of things I can warn you about. Beware of the messaging apps. If they are having issues sending due to any number of factors, the phone may appear "frozen" while they are trying to send.
    Also, wireless sync (verizon) will attempt to connect when you have it on a schedule (or when it feels like it) which can also get strange. I don't use SMS, MMS, etc or wireless sync. No worries. The only time the phone was resetting was after I had installed some app that didn't play nice. The most insidious was an aqua dialpad skin, caused resets going to-from the phone app, or when editing favorites buttons. Removed it. No worries.
    Get yourself a fast sd card, & Resco Backup or equivalent. Keep a written installation log, detailing when you backup, what you've installed/tweaked, between backups, and general observations about stability/usage, etc. If anything gets weird after an install of a third party app, don't f%^ck around, hard reset & restore from your last stable backup, per your notes. I was where you are now a couple of weeks ago, having read the good, the bad, and the ugly, with a cautious optimism about the purchase. IMHO, the 650 is not perfect, but it is very, very good. I wish it had more ram, but the Treo is so much more "useable" than other units I've tried (YMMV), that I can forgive its relatively few warts. The form factor is perfect, and the 320x320 screen has no competion in any phone I've seen available in the US.
    Note: My phone does not have a volume issue. With my "flea market brand" wired headset from my trusty V60i, anything more than 2 bars of volume is uncomfortable. Handset & speakerphone volume are good. Totally different than a Cingular 650 I tried, which needed VC to be useable. Really strange.
    Sorry for the unbridled enthusiasm. I just like this phone.
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    Factory unlocked/unbranded GSM 650 - Tmobile; FW: 1.71; SW: 1.20-ENA; Carrier DB: 255; HW: A

    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.
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    I agree with ForestCat. The RAM issue is the biggest limitation of this phone. Otherwise it would be excellent.

    The other issues are Palm's lack of WiFi enabling this phone. I've developed a hatred towards Verizon Wirless having raped me for $45 per month for basic internet access. That monthly price point is not acceptable to consumers and for many of us it is the unfortunate price we have to pay because we are locked into yearly phone contracts. If you don't ever think you'll use WiFi or the Internet, it is excellent. If you're on Sprint it could well still be a very satisfying phone, RAM issue aside.

    I dislike the volume issue immensely and is difficult to find the "sweet spot" to hear and others say the speaker phone is terrible. I've found the latter to work when I rarely need it and VolumeCare does wonders for assisting me with hearing people while walking in the street.

    If I were looking at buying a new phone today I would probably think twice before getting the 650, given where the OS is going, Palm is going, and the fact that other manufacturers have done a great job of bridging the gap. At least my investment in Windows Mobile software might not be gone like it will be with the Palm OS.
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    Hmmm. I think I've entered Bizarro World.
    Here we have a post about "are you happy" and no one has threaded palm with a class action lawsuit. I wasn't sure TC could have such a thread anymore. . .

    I'm very happy, it's the best smartphone out there and more importantly it really fits my needs and how I work.
    Sure, I'd love more RAM, better camera, lighter weight, etc. But I can't work without my treo as it is today. Most importantly, it just works, and nothing has fallen off or out of it yet!
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    Do we really need another thread like this???
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    HAHA, just to add too.. agian.. i've had this thing for 5-6 weeks now, and have yet to put it down, i always FIND a reason to do something with it!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by coppertop
    - Have the ability to change the shortcut buttons on the Phone Screen. I've accidentally hit the Voice Dial and Bill Balance buttons too many times. You can customize the empty buttons, you should be able to edit the pre-existing buttons.
    I can edit mine. Highlight the button you want to edit (use the navigation buttons so you don't press it) then open the context menu, and under Record you should have a selection to edit the favorites.
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    I've tried that but I can't edit the Voice Dial, Bill Balance, etc. buttons (cingular treo).
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    Maybe cause it's still new to me (two weeks) i'm pretty happy with it. I keep wanting to push buttons and check out the apps even though I already have. Still in that new phase for me. So far so good.
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    I almost thought my upgraditis (It's a pandemic. ) was cured when I bought my t650. Then the symptom slowly creeps back as I notice its shortcomings. So far, it's the third party apps and patches that are keeping my symptom under control, at least until the next wonder phone arrives.
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    I've been lurking here ever since I got my 650 a couple months ago, finally decided to join. To put it simply, I LOVE my Treo! When I switched from Nextel to Cingular, I first went with the Audiovox SMT5600. A nice looking little phone, but it annoyed me from day one. It seemed like the phone part of this "Smartphone" was merely an afterthought. Like the fact that you needed to go into a menu just to adjust the ringer volume. At least that's the only way I could figure out how to adjust the ringer. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Afterall, this is a phone, and I expect to be able to use the basic phone features quickly and easily.

    So, one day later, I'm back at Cingular, exchanging the Audiovox for my beloved Treo 650. Quite simply, the greatest phone I've ever owned, and I've owned a lot of them over the years. Sure, it has a few things that I wish Palm (or Cingular) had done differently, like a better Bluetooth implementation, better handset volume, better integration with Outlook, a better web browser. But in most cases - and what is the coolest thing to me - if the Treo doesn't do something you want it to do, odds are you can find some freeware or shareware out there that will do it.

    I haven't experienced any of the horrific issues that a lot of owners gripe about. Maybe I haven't installed enough crap on it yet to break it or maybe I'm just lucky, but for me, it was worth every penny.

    The way I look at, there will never be a perfect phone that does exactly what you want it to do. But when I've got a phone that I can watch TV on (MobiTV), a phone on which I can listen to streaming audio all the way from Hawaii (PocketTunes), a phone I can surf the web on while I'm sitting in the can at work, I'm pretty darn happy. Try doing that with your puny little RAZR!
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    I love my Treo. Only minor problems.
    Not at all interested in 700w. May wait a year for 700p.

    3G is a stepping stone to WiMax, which should kick in starting next year. WiFi is not dead, it's just a commodity and very saturated market, but still limited by range, power, and ubiquity.
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    ...the Truth will set you free!
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    I am happy with my 650 but am not unable to change from it.

    The primary faults of this phone:

    1) does not have EVDO/high-speed

    2) has too limited onboard memory (20MB)

    3) too many crashes by too many apps (as shown by CrashPro)

    4) camera does NOT have enough pixels (0.3mp -- currently
    1.3megapixel is not unusual to have.)

    Other than those, I am okay with the Treo 650.

    I am awaiting the unannounced Treo 700p hoping that they rectivy
    at least half of the above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coppertop
    I've tried that but I can't edit the Voice Dial, Bill Balance, etc. buttons (cingular treo).
    It is possible to delete the carrier installed "Favorites" entries. The procedure is explained in this thread - Deleting Favorite Button
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