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    I just got a Cingular Treo 650 which I am crazy about after getting my girlfriend one for Verizon and watching her play around with it. Last Sunday, my girlfriend dragged me to this party so I was using the camera feature shooting pics and movies. Silly me, I let the last movie max out all the memory in my Treo. Being in IT myself, I should have known better than that. If it wasn't for my girlfriend, I would have already done a hard reset and that would be the end of that but she just would LOVE to somehow preserve the pics and videos but I don't know how to get them out of the Treo's memory.

    I tried hotsyncing the Treo and get them off that way but half-way through the process, it comes up with a low memory error. Also, keep in mind that I, as of yet, do not have a memory expansion card so moving it to one is not an option at the moment. I wouldn't mind deleting a few of them to free up some RAM but now I can't even access the pics and videos anymore TO delete them. Every time I do ANYTHING now it displays multiple low memory warnings and errors. Every time I attempt to access the Internet, the phone goes blank and restarts itself. As of yesterday, every time I make a call and hang up when the call is finished, the phone restarts itself. If I could only get into that camera area of the Treo and delete some, but I can't even get in there anymore.

    Like I said, my girlfriend has a Treo 650 on Verizon. Is there a way to transfer or "beam" the pics and videos to her Treo somehow via Bluetooth or IR? We tried "finding" each others Treo's via BT one time but that didn't work either.

    Thanks for listening! I am hoping that all of you Treo experts are able to come up with some solution as I have seemingly exhausted every option that I can think of.
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    Put in an SD card and transfer the pictures to it. That'll free up internal ram and make it easy to get the pictures too; just copy them off the SD card with a card reader.
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    Try pressing the menu button then selecting delete. Delete some third party apps that are easy to re-install later. That might give you enough memory to get them moved by hotsync.
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    Yeah, definitely move the pics to the SD card if you have one. If you don't have one, then definitely buy one!!

    Also install the dataviz tech tool to move DTG file to the card which will also clear some ram:

    Then install a 3rd party mem manger app like PowerRun or Zlauncher etc and move as many apps to the card as you can (with a few exceptions). Do a search for more detailed info...
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    I think your best bet is to actually delete some applications off with the standard launcher. Esp. Utilities, enhancements that don't contain data. Even your PIM data - as long as you set you Hotsynch to 'desktop overwrites' just before deleting. Then should free up some to get it running. Copy your irreplacble photo/video off to SD card or hotsync. Then delete them out of the phone memory & then restore your applications & data
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    use power run. easy to move programs to card and free up lots of memory. love that program. also helps to have a large sd card at least 1gb. i use a 2gb. card and have 2 tomtom maps, 1 full length movie, at least 200 songs, tons of programs, all of my pictures, and still have about 1/5 of the card free.


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