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    I currently am using TomTom Navigator 5, and am extremely happy with everything about it, except its relatively limited POI database. Its got a lot of useless POI's (in my opinion), but useful one's (such as banks, etc.) are not present. Anyone know of anywhere I can get such POI's to add to the database (and if so, how to do this)? Thanks!

    - marc
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    TomTom 5 includes about 60 categories for POI (although I guess "banks" isn't one of them).
    Are you referring to the 5 POI on the first screen? Those are just the ones that are used most often, there are many more available.

    Check out the Point Of Interest under the Navigation section on this link.
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    I was told that it needs to be reported to the maps people on their site.
    Good Luck,

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    This is what I submitted to them:
    Most of Northern California POI are outdated for stores, restaurants and Tourist attractions. Also, it would be nice if POI included Banks and ATM locations. I usually run out of cash and need the closest Bank Of America to where I am, but POI doens't have that information.

    Last I heard when I called TomTom a few weeks ago is that they were updating the POI pretty soon. Who knows..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    I was told that it needs to be reported to the maps people on their site.
    Good Luck,

    I agree with you that TomTom needs to be contacted to update their POI data. I believe there may be two different issues here. One - mbressman was only seeing the first 5 POI that are the "most used". Two - the TomTom POI is severly lacking and in need of updates and additional categories. I've previously sent a request for updated POI data and I urge all TomTom 5 users to do so.

    (p.s. Your link above only opened a blank page for me. Maybe I was missing something there)
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    I know it sucks, but you have to register and log in to send you inqueries. Here is the support link:

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    Fear not, I was not just seeing those first five categories, but all of them..and still think the POI database for the TomTom is severely lacking...

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