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    first of all i have an unlocked gsm version.
    now it has been about 10 days since i got myself the treo650. it definitely is a sleek device and i am impressed by its speed and multifunctionality (my previous device having been the tungstenW), its feel and look and so on. the first 3-4 days were a nightmare, nearly all my old software caused crashes (which i sort of expected) and i have since bought and installed a lot of OS5 software. most of the stuff functions more or less fine.
    but what i cannot get rid of, are all sorts of resets taking place every now and then. here a few examples:

    1- when backing up with backupbuddyvfs. this doesnt happen too often, but i can always expect the device to crash during the process
    2- when tapping the realplayer "preferences" option it always crashes. meaning that i have no chance to change the preferences here, which is not too dramatic since i use pockettunes and tcpmp
    3- after viewing a movie clip using tcpmp, the device very often crashes. mind you, not during, its when i exit the program that i can expect a crash
    4- tomtom (version 5 with update): occasionaly i get some failure alerts when trying to start it. this i can solve by soft resetting.
    5- hmm, let me think, well there are some other instances which i cannot right now recollect.

    is it normal that these things happen with the treo650? do i have to live with it? or are there any of you around who very seldomly go through resets despite heavy usage.

    any comments and advice would be nice.
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    Did you use the same username as your old palm and hotsync the data from it into your new 650? If so, that is a big problem.
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    When you moved from the Tungsten W to the Treo, did you do a clean hotsync with your username? A clean hotsync would involve the following...

    1: Hotsync your Tungsten W
    2: Go into the palm folder on your PC (c/programfiles/palm or c/programfiles/handspring) and in the sub-folder associated with your username, rename the backup folder to something like "backup_old" or "backup_date" (with date being the date you did this)
    3: Hotsync your new Treo and from the options provided select your username.

    Doing the above will allow you to hotsync your existing database information for contacts, datebook, todo's and memos, BUT NOT hotsync all the 3rd party apps and saved preferances to your new Treo. This way a new backup folder is created and all those previous programs and settings wont pollute your new device and cause the resets you are now getting. Once you have gotten this far, you can slowly start adding back those older programs, one at a time, and see which cause problems and which dont.

    You can still do the above. Hard reset your Treo, follow the suggestions above.
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    gapost and cgordonn, thanks for your responses.
    no, i didnt transfer the software directly from my old palm. i installed all my useful software one by one and tested each one before moving forward because i was aware of the incompatibility possibilities. i also have a different hotsync name for my treo. some small things here and there seem to bite and cause these crashes.
    i managed to transfer all the contacts successfully but the memo data just wouldn't fit in until i halved the amount of information there.
    what really bugs and worries me is that i cannot tap into the preferences option of "realplayer" (here the treo crashes with 100% possibility) - this possibly is a a result of something properly wrong with my device configuration. the rest of the crashes take place haphazardly depending on the mood of my treo.
    i guess and hope i will be wiser within the next couple of days and weeks. i will also be meeting treo-holders here in hamburg/germany and discuss the problems in person.
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    Are you using Butler? If so, you might want to update to latest (3.28), Rob says he fixed a mem leak problem that was causing some resets. Good luck.
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    thanks ghuber, butler was one of the problems. i did meet the hamburg treoists and they werent able to help since they were not using as much software as i do. but doing away with butler solved a bit of the problem.
    i can now tap into realplayer's preferences button without crashing the device. my butler version was 2.55. you guys in the forum are great
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