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    If lets say certain things that would get fixed what would they be..since now we have the sound fixed somehow whats next on the list?

    I think i would like:

    -Less/NO crashing
    -Better web browser
    -Better radio
    -No radom waking up
    -30/sec screen dim issue fix
    -a program that you click on to search for signal again without having to disconnect and connect again.
    -less battery drain during heavy EDGE activity like ptune streams (battery goes down by 1% every 2-3 minutes or so in my case)

    there is more that i know of...just cant remember.
    I hope palmone or third party comes out with those fixes
    Made this just for fun...I'm Kermit

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    Web browsing should be as good as on a PC. I can understand the limitation of the speed, but I should be able to view any page and have it load as fast as when I use my treo for DUN.

    Lack of decent web browsing is the only think that makes me keep my laptop around. Some web pages are a must for work and school (Lexis/Westlaw)

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