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    I am using the gmail to fastmail chatter option. However, it seems that while I can log into, it won't receive any messages and therefore I am not getting my forwarded gmail messages from fastmail. I have tried to send test emails from my hotmail acct to my fastmail acct and it seems that they are not getting there, but I am not receiving any error messages from hotmail.

    Any suggestions? Anyone knoe of another IMAP provider that is free and compatible with chatter?
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    Ok, if I email directly to my account from hotmail, it works. But if I email directly from my gmail account, it never arrives at fastmail and therefore, since all of my gmail email's are set to forward to my fastmail acct, I am not getting anything forwarded. Any suggestions?
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    I presume you checked via webmail, and they're really not there, right? Maybe it's something at Gmail's end?

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    i'm assuming its gmail for some reason b/c i seet up a chatteremail account and set for gmail to forward to that account and it won't forward to the chatteremail acct or the fastmailfm acct.

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