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    Just confirmed the FedEx guy dropped it off. I'll do a review after charging it and using it for a day then do a another review after a week during my business trip.

    As far as who I bought it from,

    My total came out to $124.90, overnight shipped to Hawaii. I just wanted to say these guys did a great job sending it out on a HOLIDAY. They shipped VERY fast but I also let them know I needed it ASAP. They include a FREE car charger and lifetime waranty which is what made me go with them rather than an ebay vendor.

    Post up what certain things you'd like me to comment on and I'll try and address them.
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    Okay well first impression:

    1. VERY sleek and stylish compared to the HBH-660 and the HS850. I put the black face plate on and it looks really good.

    2. Pairing is VERY easy, I turned it on after charging it for 8 hours and it immediately went looking for my phone. I already had my Treo 650 (SPRINT) searching for it so it found it right away.

    3. Calls connect in .5 seconds. Id say instantly. It does have a tone while my voice dial is dialing a number but I find it to be a good feature while others hate it.

    4. Havent figured out how to voice dial VIA the headset, anyone know how?

    5. Volume is decent, I dont know if the cancellation is working but other have reported I sound clear. I blasted my music in the car and my girlfriend couldnt hear me on the other line very well.

    6. I get static when my body is in between the headset and the phone. I also get static 5 feet away when the headset is on the opposite side of my body not facing the phone. When facing the phone with the headset I can get about 10 feet away before the person on the other line cant hear me.

    7. FITMENT! It at first hurt but after adjusting the hook and pushing the set farther towards my ear, it "slid" right into my canal and felt very comfortable. I wore it overnight to see how my ears could take it and I woke up with no pain on my ear.

    8. Its a SMALL amount heavier than the HBH-600, I suspect its from the better speaker having a bigger magnet.

    Very happy with the purchase. I bought it for the future when my next phone has Bluetooth 2.0 or whatever will be out when I upgrade from the Treo. My friend bought a Plantronics 640 the same day mine arrived and if I didnt buy this one I would have bought that model. Its VERY much smaller and lighter as well. You can also charge it in your pocket O_O.

    Hope someone does a review on the 640.

    Any questions, feel free to ask. I give this headset a 9/10 just because the range is a bit poor. Might be due to the Treo's shortcomings in its bluetooth design.

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    How does the 610's ear hook compare to the 660's? Is it the same stiff design?

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    I've never used a 660, but compared to the 600 its a bit skinnier. The last inch of the hook is that plastic material while the rest is plastic. You can bend it a bit but I didnt want to accidently snap the hook .

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