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    I want the picture I have of someone to appear when they call. Do I need a program to do this? Also, I have agendus, put agendus and the default contacts program dont share pictures. is there any reason to use the agendus contacts?
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    If you have a picture assigned to a contact in the Treo 650, then as long as their caller id is used then when that caller phones - you should see them as the caller with a small version of their picture.

    If you are using a Treo 600 then that doesn't apply.

    Agendus Contacts does not use the same photos as the default 650 Contacts applications - that's true. That's because Agendus works on other Palm devices and is not just dedicated to the 650. There has been discuss at Agendus to make a strictly Treo version but as long as Iambic sells to "other" Palm OS platforms besides the Treo smartphone - it's not just over the horizon.

    Should you use the Agendus Contacts - that's a matter of opinion. I use it for editing my contacts on the handheld but don't use it for the pictures linked to a contact because it doesn't work as a caller ID. The ability to color code Contacts by category and grouping and now the Linking (v10) makes it worth while. These of course are features not available with the default Palm Contacts program.

    I'm pro Agendus for various reasons but if your using Agendus - you can't delete just that portion of the program so your stuck with it as long as Agendus is on the device.

    BTW: The manual for v10 is now available at the Iambic web site.
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    thanks just what I wanted to know

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