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    When I did the last upgrade, it took a couple of days to find all the things that didn't get restored correctly.

    I have:

    Power Run
    Dataviz docs
    and a whole bunch of games and standalone (non-system) apps.

    Is there a way to do one of these firmware upgrades and restore all of the origianal apps with passwords intact etc?

    If not, it makes the upgrades pretty unattractive, i think...


    Tom O'Connell
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    An upgrade is never attractive the only attractive things are the fixes and optimizations of an upgrade. Even if I sync from the desktop or restore a backup I end up just reinstalling everything.

    I have a system down to reinstall takes me 5 minutes tops.
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    I use BackupBuddyVFS to do scheduled backups to my memory card. So to do an upgrade:

    1) manually run backupbuddy to make a current backup and remove the card
    2) do the hard reset and follow the directions for the upgrade
    3) when I get to the part about restoring my data from a hotsync, stop the upgrade.
    4) reinsert my card and run backupbuddy from the card.
    5) do a full restore, and I'm back in business (do the 228 to reprogram the phone itself)

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, Dana. I'll get backup buddy asap. I never really saw the need for it since I back up my pc all the time and figured I could get everything i I see <g>.


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