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    I agree with Marky. Try out Resco Locker PSM. I haven't had a reset since enabling it on the 12th (on Marky's suggestion). Could be a coincidence, but I doubt it. All of my background applications are locked.
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    Yeah, it was a HARD reset. I was asleep, heard the alarm go off, tapped "clear" to turn it off, and of course the screen blinked once, and then it reset (what else is new?). I was waiting for it to reboot to see if I had lost my prefs, and it comes up with the screen asking me if I want English or Espaņol. What a way to start the day!
    YIKES.. I get annoyed when I gotta restore [Un]Saved Preferences.

    My ole SJ22 Clie would sometimes hard reset, but I always just figured it was part of the package with volitile storage, but nvfs, how does that happen? Did it write 0's to the entire nvram or something bizarre?

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    I already use Resco Locker. I've played around with various combinations of locking. Right now I lock mRing, PowerUp, Snapper, Volumecare and ZLauncher. I stopped locking Butler when I was using it because I've heard it doesn't need it.

    I thought I had found the solution to my resets when I began using UDMH, but then lately I began having this hard reset problem. The other day it did it while the phone was in my pocket (apparently when I got an incoming call). I have a feeling it could be related to the new versions of Butler, but I also wondered if somehow UDMH is what has been causing the hard resets instead of the regular prefs-deleting ones, because it messes with the cache. I deleted Butler and disabled UDMH, and so far nothing has happened, but I haven't been using the Treo much since then.
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