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    For the past two weeks my Verichat connections to AIM, MSN and Yahoo have been shaky at best. I've gotten all types of error messages and "cannot connect to [insert everything here]" messages.

    I emailed Verichat support last week... and... they didn't respond for an entire week (maybe week-and-a-half).


    They DID respond over the weekend with a new version of Verichat in my inbox... 2.90b

    The subject of the email was Verichat 2.90b for Tmobile Tzones.

    I suggest those having similar problems email Verichat support and ask for this version.

    I've had no problems connecting since.
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    Just wondering why the post on verichat 2.86/89 is still getting attention. Not that I'm offended. Just thought that more folks would be up on 2.90.

    Does no one want it?

    Or has everyone got it?
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    That would be because those do not appear to be general releases to everyone, but specific releases targeted to solve specific problems. Either that or they've stopped doing OTA upgrades for some reason. If I check for upgrades, it says I'm at the latestand I'm running 2.86b
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    O, okay. Thanks.
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    Do any of you happen to have a link to 2.90/

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    Hmm.. a special version just for T-Zones. I wonder if this is related to why I can't stay connected with Toccer (auto-reconnects me) or Causerie (doesn't).
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