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    i isntalled the new 1.43 stripped and am very happy so far. does anyone know a good calculator program to use?

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    coolest thing: bluetooth syncing and internet browsing!
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    If you only need the basics I like snapcalc.
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    The built in calculator is fine. It's not obvious, but if you go under options in the menu, you can get into 'advanced mode'.
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    I have also installed the stripped ROM, and I use Calc! pretty well.
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    Hi guys, assuming that I want to install the Firmware 1.43 Update Only version, Must I have to install all the SEVEN files that is included with it or what? What are the MUST files do I install for the STRIPPED ROM version? Thanks for your help
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    Back to topic, snapcalc is free and easy to use. I like it because you can activate it from within any app. It's multi-tasking capability comes in handy.
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    Hey, I am a geek, and loved my HP calculators from engineering classes... so I found this site:

    He has an emulator for the HP 48 series of calculators. Now the only draw back is that you have to get the ROM for the Calculator you want / need. Not hard to find on the web, and I think HP has released it for public use, which does not need to be paid for.

    Got it loaded on my SD card...

    I love it... and I still us it for calculations... and that sort of junk
    Got to love it... Balinor
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    I would love to be able to use Power48, but 160x160 resolution on my treo 600 is not supported. It seems like the program is not being actively developed, so there is very little chance for future support
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    Tried Spacetime ?

    1 is free
    2 costs $10 I think
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    Algebraic or choice of two RPN entry modes
    Solver W/interchangeable solutions
    Better than my eBayed HP's


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