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    If I take a picture with my 650's camera and then do a hotsync a copy ends up in MyDocuments>MyPictures>PalmOne Photos>UserName>Internal or Expansion card xxxx. This is all good but if I hotsync again I get another copy of the picture in the folder. Sometimes if I forget to delete them off the Treo I'll have 10 or more duplicate pictures on my PC. The Media conduit on Hotsync Manger is set to synchronize. If it matters I sync to outlook not the Palm Desktop. I hotsync to my laptop only. It is a member of a Windows SBS 2003 Network. I have a feeling that this has something to do with the problem. I usually use my laptop offline. If I go to the Palm Desktop and click media I get an error message box Titled Fail that contains: \\SBS\user\My Documents\My Albums. If I click ok I see the photos. Any ideas on how to correct these problems. Thanks.
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    I have (had) exactly the same problem. (and I am running almost the exact same configuration as scsanden). Then I did something, I do not know what, and I not longer have the media conduit and I am no longer syncing pictures or video??

    Any ideas??

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