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    Trying to use MicroVNC (I'm a registered user from my T3 days) to connect Treo 650 (VZW) to UltraVNC on home pc over 1xrtt. Tells me:

    ConnectVNC: Not a valid VNC server

    However, I installed Palm VNC on same Treo, configured identically, & it works fine (albeit slow...) Additionally, checks out fine.
    Can anybody shed any light on this? Thanks.
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    ^ Have u verified that MicroVNC works on the T600/650? The reason I ask is because I *think* I tried using it when I had my T600 and I could not get it to work. I ended up settling on on PamVNC, which I have had few problems with.
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    Thanks for the reply. I had seen a few posts here and there (older) where people did seem to be using it on 650's. I fired off an email to the author, and, indeed the current version does have some Treo bugs. They are almost ready to release a new version. I've made a few suggestions that I hope he will incorporate. We'll see.

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