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    Does blazer allow pop up windows? I use certain site for work that when you click on that link another window opens up. Is there such a browser that allows this?
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    I have never seen a pop up in a year of use so I think that Blazer can not support that.
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    thank goodness.....let's hope it stays that way since popups seems to be more bad than good. Ideally, a built in (user disabled) pop-up blocker would be cool.

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    Blazer doesn't allow true pop-ups, but it does allow links that would normally open in a new (full-function) window on a PC browser. Not sure exactly how it distinguishes the two, but if you're talking about something that you expressly trigger by clicking on a link and it opens in a full-function window (even if some toolbars are hidden by default), you should be OK.
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