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    I use Versamail for all my email needs and my phone seems to be connecting to something somewhere alot which makes my calls go straight to voicemail since the phone is busy. It is not connecting to retrieve my email so I figured it must be some sort of sync setting with the default Mail app.

    I can't seem to delete it though. It is not in the app list when I go to Delete, though it is there in the info, version, and size window. I have unattached it from the hardware buttons in the 650, I thought that was keeping me from deleting it.

    The red light goes on every few minutes, and the two arrows in the connection area go green, so its obviously trying to 'phone home'. I can't figure out whats causing this so I'd like to delete the MAIL app.

    Any ideas?

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    You want to delete versamail?

    This is the only way--->
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    You have to tell us what service provider you are using. If it is Verizon, you can't delete Mail. Check the settings in the Mail program.l
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    I'm curious, why cant you delete versamail if you have verizon?
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    Versamail is in the rom. Unless you make a custom rom, you can't "delete" it. It's not taking up any ram space, so just ignore it. Unless it's set to download email, it isn't resident, so it's not going to cause any problems except perhaps during its conduit in hotsyncing, which if that's the case you could disable that in the Hotsync program.

    I'd say any problems related to being online and missing calls are with using Blazer or some other program and not disconnecting when finished.
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    elwood I have had trouble with versamail from the get go, I gave up and went to chatter, I qsync pop every 2 hours. Even though I didnt useversamail it still caused problems, I'd have to go in with a file manager every few weeks and delete all the asc files.

    I finaly took it out of ROM, just so you know it is an option.

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