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    Just finished up a NHL plugin for 2day that someone requested from me . If people are interested I can make it available to everybody else. However, I wont be making the individual team schedules myself (way to time consuming). If you want your team schedule you will need to make it yourself in a text file and email it to me. I will convert it to .pdb
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    I'd be interested in this.

    Any thing I need to know about making a text version of the Flyers schedule?
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    This is what you need to do. Format like this

    "vs Islanders"

    "@ Rangers"

    The last line is for tv stations. It can be any combination of characters up to 7 in length. Or, you dont need to include them at all.
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    Inlcude the quoation marks?
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    Here is the plugin and one team schedule. Included in the plugin is the ability to create the schedule on your device itself. Just open the plugin, go into the file menu, and choose 'Add Team'. From here you can also add individual games to the schedule.

    I have tested this in the simulator, and it seems stable. However, I do not have a treo to test on, so I suppose it could have some problems. Please let me know and I will fix right away

    Othe plugins here....
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