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    I have Treo650 and installed VoicePad 1.1 (VoiceMemo) and recorded very important conversation.

    So, I wanted to copy it over to desktop, but as all of you would know Palm Desktop came with Treo650 doesn't have VoiceMemo in it so it was not hotsynced. Thus, I used FileZ to copy it to SD card and copied to my desktop. I tried to play it after removing .pdb but no avail.

    I thought it was probably because my VoicePad was out-dated, I installed a newer version (or it seemed like) but now VoicePad doesn't even recognize my voicememo in RAM although it can record new one and play it on Treo650. I installed the orignal version, but it doesn't see the file either..

    So right now, I can't even play the voicememo either on Treo or PC. I still have the original file XXXX.wav.pdb on my pc as well as Treo.

    Is there *any way* to revive it so that I can hear it from Treo at least, or convert it to readable file from PC?

    This is very important piece of file that I must revive. Any kind of help would be highly appreciated!!
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    Anyone have any idea? I really need to recover this...
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    Three thoughts:

    1. You may have to contact the maker of VoiceMemo.

    2. Do you still have the "older" version of VoiceMemo that you recorded the file with? I mean the install.exe or zip file. If so, can you delete the current version from your Treo and reinstall the older version?
    opps --you have done this one. . .sorry

    3. Do you have a backup of your Treo on a SD card? The older version may still be there if you have not backed up since installing the newer version.
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    xxxc.wav.pdb sounds redundant to me. What extension does VoiceMemo give it's recordings? .wav? or .pdb? Both seems wierd. Is this why the original installation of VoiceMemo is not finding the file? Does VoiceMemo put recordings in a special directory? Random thoughts . . . .

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