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    I've been using ZLauncher for a year but just discovered the plugin
    feature. What I'd like to use is the Today plugin. I installed the
    plugin on my Treo 650, but it doesn't show up in the plugin list in
    the plugin tab in preferences. All of the -Select A Plugin- choices
    have just that label. I can see that ZLPluginToday is installed using
    the File Manager. Any ideas why ZLauncher doesn't see it?

    I am using ver 5.31 build 050718 and the plugin that came with the build.

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    You know, the Today plugin doesn't show up on the Plugin tab in ZL prefs for me either, though I swear that it used to.

    However, if you have the Plugin Tab checkbox selected on that screen, ZLauncher should create a separate tab for you after you hit the OK button. Once you go to the tab, you should be able to select Menu > Tab > Tab Properties > Plugin. You should then see ZLPluginToday listed.

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