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    Hello all.

    The Lunar Module Simulator is a lunar lander game but unlike other version on the Palm, this is not an arcade type game.

    LMS2006 uses realistic dynamics of the Apollo lunar module. The lander panel includes the most important instruments such as the altitude tape, X-Pointer and the artificial horizon indicator. Like the real thing, LMS2006 is also equiped with an on-board computer (DAP).

    Here some of the features of the game:

    - Realistic physics modeling ( descent engine, thrusters..)

    - Actual LM instruments rendering such as the X-pointer, Altitude tape and Artifiical Horizon

    -CapCom voice annoncement during flight (altitude, rate of descent and fuel left)

    - Realistic sound effects during flight

    - An on-board computer to help you fly the lunar module(auto/semi/manual mode)

    - To make the landing even more realistic,some of the lunar module sub-systems may fail at any time. For instance, there maybe a fuel leak or stuck thruster during the flight (see second screen shot)

    - three levels (Rookie, LM Pilot and Commander)

    - Scoring depend on landing accuracy, velocities, attitude (pitch/roll) and fuel left at touchdown and of course game level seetings

    This game will be ready for beta test in a few days when I am hoping some of you guys would be kind enough to help me debug/test this app. Just PM me with the following info:

    - The type of Palm/Treo device(s) you have
    - Your HotSync ID

    If you are selected, I will send you the app and the user guide (PDF).

    The type of info I am interested in are:

    - Bugs
    - Installation issues
    - How difficult it is to play the game
    - Pricing (worth?)
    - Sugestions to improve the game


    - Palm/Treo device
    - High resolution screen
    - OS 5
    This app has been used on my treo 650 and Tungsten C so far. It runs OK from my SD card as well.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    ps: here the link to some screen shots (the site is temporary and valid only for the beta test period).
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    i'd check it out. It looks cool.

    samgarfield at gmail dot com.
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    How are we to let you know if we want to test?

    I don't see any contact info.
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    Sorry I was not clear enough. For some of you who whish to participate to the Lunar Module Sim beta test. Just send a private message with your hotsync ID and the device you have.

    Thanks and sorry for any confusion.

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    Hi again,

    I forgot. Please when you PM me your hotsync ID, provide me your email adress as well so I can send you the app (prc) and the manual (pdf). I cannot seems to be able to figure out or to attach files to a private message. So I will need your emai adress if you are interested in beta testing the lunar lander game.


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    Hi guys!

    Thanks so much for your great response to my plea for beta testers for the Lunar Module Simulator game. I really appreciate it and I am really looking for to hear what you have to say about bugs and suggestions. Unfortunaly I am going to have close this beta test offer for now. That way I will have time to finish up the game during this beta test period. I am also in the process of developing a "demo" version of the game with as much features as possible.

    Thank you again for the great response from this great forum and my sincere appologies for anybody who wanted to participate (all of you who sent me you hotsync ID/email yesterday will be receiving the app and the manual for sure so hang in there!).

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    Hello to all,

    Just a quick note to let the beta testers of this lunar game (LMS2006) that I just sent you the version 0.2 This new version has the following changes from 0.1:

    1- 5 ways keypad control of the RCS thrusters. So now you do not have to use the pen to roll and pitch the Lander. You can use the 5-ways as a joystick.

    2- Once you reach the final phase (P66 at around 500 feet), the digital AutoPilot (DAP) will limit your roll/pitch angle max to +/- 30 degrees (instead of +45 degrees). None of the NASA flight permitted very high roll/pitch lunar angle at such low altitude.

    3- There is a new LM failure mode: The main engine can now almost shutdown (goes to 10% thrust) for a short while. It is of course deadly if that happen at very low altitude. At high altitude and after the failure goes away, you can compensate for it by going in manual mode and increase the engine thrust manually until you the launder rate of descent goes back to normal.

    I am posting this here because I am having a lot of problems with my email account and I am not sure if you will receive the emails I sent. If you are a beta tester and did not receive version 0.2 please send me a PM and I will re-sent the game to you. Sorry for this inconvenience.

    I really look forward to found if you can run this new version on your TREO 650.

    Thanks for letting me as soon you can.

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    To all Lunar Module Sim beta testers:

    I just sent you guys version 0.4 of the game. It has the following changes:

    1- Pause feature: You now can pause the game during flight. Once in paused mode, use the menu bar to change game options (like sound level), start a new game or resume the game in progrees. To pause/resume just tap on the moon picture. Please note that the flight plan is now enabled/disabled by the "Flight Plan" button located on the top right of the screen.

    2- I introduced the "concept" of mission to LM Sim 0.4. At this time there is only two missions. "Long Flight" is the standard flight starting at 8000 feet altitude. The second mission is called "Short Flight" and start at the final landing phase (P66) around 500 feet. That way, you can train better for the final phase or if you just want to play a quicker game. Use the Game Options window to select missions.
    I am planning (after I release LM Sim 1.0) to work on some more missions as add-ons. I have some ideas but if you guys have any suggestions I will be happy to hear from you.

    3- The game has now a protection scheme. The attached file will run for 30 days at the "Rookie Pilot" level only, which will be the demo level of this game. In order to play at the "LM Pilot" and "LM Commander" , you now need a registration code. Since you are beta testers, of course you will receive the registration code for free. I am setting up each of you registration code and I will send them shortly. Until then, you can still play both missions at the "Rookie" mode.

    4- The application icon is now centered

    So if any of you LM Sim beta testers did not receive the new version (0.4), please PM me and I will re-send it right away.

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    Hi guys,

    back in January I released version 1.0 of a realistic lunar lander game called LEM Simulator. Now I am looking for help in beta testing the version 2.0 of the LEM Simulator. The first group of testers few months ago did an amazing job! Some of them are still at it but I do not want to impose so that I why I am hoping some of you would want to help me test the next version. I have to limit this beta testing so I can best respond to your suggestions/comments and bug reports. So if you are interested please send me a private message with your email address so I can send you the game.

    Here the main changes from version 1.0 which was released January 14th,2006.

    1: There is now an outside cockpit view (see screen shot below). You can see the moon scrolling under your lander!

    2: You can now set up your own initial conditions like starting altitude or fuel level.

    3: I reduced the lander systems failures probabilites so sub-systems failures are less commun (and so more surprising!). You can even disable the failures and land using a perfect lander

    4: There is a auto-save feature which allow you to quit the app and return to where you left off later

    5: The Earth is now moving. If you are lucky during the descent, you may witness an Earth rise on the moon horizon!

    6: You now can land on any planet of our solar system in addition to the moon. Jupiter anyone?

    If you need more info about this game, just read the first page of this topic.

    But as a reminder, LEM Simulator is a very realistic lunar lander game that uses real physics, realistic sound effects and graphics to best simulate a moon landing. It uses the 5-ways as joystick for the thrusters and the hard keys to control the main engine thrust. It has all the original Apollo LEM lander main indicators like the X-pointer and the altitude tape. During the landing some of those instruments may fail randomly making the landing very intense sometimes. It also comes with a 20+ pages user's guide in PDF format.

    If you did not do it yet, try LEM Simulator version 1.0 and see for yourself what your Palm/Treo can do! There is 7 days free trial for anybody interested (Here at TreoCentral, PalmGear, Handango and so on). See earlier posts for link to trial version.

    For people interested in helping and trying an even more realistic version (the upcoming LEM Simulator 2.0) just a drop me a private message with your email address.


    Here a screen shot of the version 2.0 during a typical landing:

    ps: For my already registered users (of version 1.0) reading this, you will of course receive this new version for free shortly (like all future updates of LEM Simulator).
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    The version 2.0 has now been released so this beta testing is now over (for now).

    Here the version 2.0 release note:


    Hi guys,

    Ok, it is finnally done. I have just released version 2.0 of the lunar lander LEM Simulator. For some of you who are new to this game, LEM Sim is the most realistic lander simulator ever developed on a Palm/Treo device! It combines real physics modeling, Houston voice annoncement (of altitude, velocity and fuel level) and realistic lander malfunctions (failure like fuel leak, radar malfuction and so on).

    The main changes from version 1.0 are:

    - New cockpit view: This new version allows to see outside your cockpit. It is all there, Moon surface, stars and even a moving Earth. If you are lucky you can experience an Earth rise. A little bit like the astronauts of Apollo 8 experienced for the first time ever!

    - Land Anywhere: In addition to the Moon, you now can land on any planet of our solar system. If you land on planets with very high gravity like Jupiter, you can choose your main engine maximum thrust.

    - MyFlight: This feature allows you to customize your landing mission. Under MyFlight, you can choose your initial conditions such starting altitude, velocties and fuel amount among other things.

    - Game Auto-Save: The game will auto-save allowing to quit the game and finish the mission later.

    - The lander systems failures rate has been reduced so to make them more impredictable during the descent. You can even disabled them altogether and fly a "perfect" lander.

    - The default mission (Rookie level) is now easier.

    - Many bugs from version 1.0 have been taken care of.

    many of the changes you will see on version 2.0 are coming from my beta testers. This give and take is what makes LEM Simulator 2.0 a much better product than it will have been w/o their inputs and bugs reports. I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me all these months and for keeping me honest during the devellopement of 2.0

    You can get it here right here at the TreoCentral Store

    Or if you prefer

    LEM Simulator 2.0 at PalmGear

    LEM Simulator 2.0 at Handango

    This is a 7 days free trial (full version) so have fun with it.

    Once happy landing!

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    Hello to all,

    Juste in case you looking at this post, I wanted to let you know since I posted this, I released the "low resolution" version of LEM Simulator 2.0 (now 2.0R) which is compatible with the TREO 600

    To celebrate the release, LEM Simulator 2.0R is only $8.95!! This low price will end July 31th, 2006 (a week from now) so if you at all interested in purchasing the game do it now and save a little money in the process



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