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    I am looking for a pouch type holster that I can also use a skin with. Anyone know of one? I work construction and am looking for good protection. But I don't really care for the metal cases or the super rugged rubber ones. Any information or help will be appreciated.
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    Here are two cases you might want to consider, I have the Nutshell case, and I can tell you that the quality is top notch.
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    I have used 3 pouch cases with a silicone skinned Treo. The T-Mobile Sidekick II case is the easiest to fit right out of the box. The Sena Lateral Pouch case is more snug, but it will still fully close right out of the box. The Krusell S-Wide Horizontic case will also work, but it will need to be stretched for a few days before it will fully close.

    P.S. I'd be willing to sell my Krusell Horizontic and my T-Mobile Sidekick II cases. They are both used, but still look nearly new. PM me with an offer if interested.

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