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    I just bought the Jabra 250. It pairs no problem but I can't get the calls to come directly to the heasdest - I can only answer them through the phone. I know the 650 supports handsfree so what's going wrong?? Am I missing a configuration? I thought it should do this automatically. When I pair it I choose the hands free icon but it still doesn't work. I was using the Bluetrek originally and that worked without a problem. Any suggestions??
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    The BT250 does not support auto directing calls to the Treo 650. Sorry, but it dont =(
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    I thought it worked if you hold down with you put it into pairing mode. My only problem with the headset was hella static. I bought and returned that headset twice.
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    I use the headset daily and have no problem in the environment I use it in. I have not had it auto-answer, I don't really like that feature. I want to be able to hit ignore. When a call comes in, all I have to do to answer is reach up to my ear and press the button. I have used it for several months now with virtually no problems. I have had to cancel headset and press the button again a few times. My wife will say it is hard to hear me and I cancel and press the button again and it clears right up. That has only happened maybe half a dozen times in several months. I like the idea that I can carry it looped on a button or in my shirt pocket. I have tried numerous over 10 or 11 months, but have settled for the Jabra. I still think there is not a "best" bluetooth headset. I feel the environment of the individual seems to play a major role in the affectiveness of the bluetooth headset.
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    Well. as frustrating as it is I guess I'm now on to the next one. I'll join the chorus of "can't anyone get it right?!" and hope for luck with #3!
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    the jabra 250 can support the hands-free feature of the treo 650: it is written in the website. Mine in fact did for a couple of months, and then I did not use it for 1 year probably. Now I started to use it again and it doesn't support it anymore. Really strange, and I can not figure out why: any sugestion?

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