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    I was trying some of the #* Code from Shadowmite forum
    from this link
    ... and I still don't know why, my Cingular T650 that I bought unlocked from Ebay is now locked again!

    Since I don't know how to unlock it, any help will be really appreciated.
    Some details:
    Cingular Treo 650, with 1.13 ROW software, bought already unlocked from ebay (was working perfectly before the incident).
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    have you tried searching the forum for "unlock gsm"?
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    I tried... but either I have to get in touch with cingular (not so easy since I'm in Italy...) or to buy a service for 30$ (this might be an option)...
    Does anyone have any other suggestion?
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    did you ask shadowmite in his forums?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deanfx
    did you ask shadowmite in his forums?
    I did.
    In the meanwhile, I suppose that the offending command was


    That I tried after reding it in some post. Probably this overwrote the unlocking code :-(

    Any hints?

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