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    Hey everyone,

    My treo 650 has been flawless up until this morning. I went in and deleted alot of old mail off of it and then hit hte get button to check my mail and when I did it turned itself off and then back on again. Now it is doing it everytime I hit the get mail button. I am using the versamail to check a pop3 mail account that I have. So far I have removed the battery and turned it off/on and then also hit the reset button inside the battery case. Any suggestions for what I should try? At this point the treo won't work for email communication but it appears to be working for all other functions. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    search the forum for "versamail restarts" you will find your solution in one of the threads. there is a link the someone posted to go to palm's site that will solve your problem. I had the same issue and after you follow the steps provided everything works great.

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