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    Ok... just got my new Treo 650 from Cingular. Any advice on what essentials will be needed? I've got a SEIDIO holster coming as well as screen protectors. I've got tons of SD cards as well.

    I am familiar with the Palm OS, are there any distinctions between the Treo and any other Palm device?

    I plan to install Avantgo and a couple of games on the Treo, any software titles?

    Also, how do you install ringtones? I think I read that you can't use MP3 ringtones but can you install additional tones?
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    you can use mp3 ringtones with the addition of software titles such as, mring, ringopro, lightwave, etc.
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    For ringtones, you may want to check out a product called Lightwav by Toysoft.

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    I was reading the little "information card" enclosed with my Treo stating that bluetooth dialup was not available but an update was being developed for release. Any news on this?
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    Apply the 1.15 firmware update from Cingular so you have a Treo that doesn't suck ;-)

    Seriously, it's that good. Plus it enables Bluetooth DUN.
    -Craig J.

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    If you own a prior Palm device . . . . do not sync directly to your prior userid to upgrade to the 650. . . you will create a brick. The 650 does not like prior software settings brought forward in this manner.

    Do a last hotsync with your old device.
    Install the 650 desktop from it's CD
    Rename your backup folder backupold.
    (Programs>Palm>userid>backup . . . . . . to backupold)
    Hotsync your 650 to your userid
    You will now have your PIM data but no 3rd party software on the 650.
    (PIM = tasks, memos, appointments, contacts. . . .)
    Install third party software form scratch, not from a backup.
    You should be good to go.

    If you are going to use Docs to Go: save 4mb of internal memory:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Or convert your ringtunes to .wav format. The Treo happily uses them as ringtones without any hacks.

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