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    Hi - my Treo 650 is in its desk-holder which is tied via USB
    to my notebook.

    I've noticed when I startup Pocket Tunes that, despite
    my Treo having been installed properly and being able
    to Hotsync without any issue in the past, that the
    Find Hardware Wizard pops up the minute Pocket Tunes
    is started.

    I cancel out and nothing else amiss happens but I was
    wondering if any of you have any theory as to why Pocket
    Tunes would do that? Pocket Tunes runs flawlessly otherwise
    for Internet Radio and playing songs off the SD card.
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    this is a feature.

    when u launch pocket tune while connected to your usb, wmp 10 should see it as a device and let you copy over songs using wmp 10.

    if all you did was install the prc instead of used the ptunes install app, it doesnt install the drivers to let you do this.
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