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    So I have a Z Cover eglove and every once in a while my Treo would turn on by itself. I thought the eglove might be pressing down on a button so I thought it was a "fit" problem.

    I took the eglove off, set my Treo on the table face up and it still has the problem. Any advice?
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    no its not the cover. It's a problem with the treo itself. I found that this happens when the signal strength changes. It really sucks mines keeps going on and off all day. Some say turn off network time, I did but thats not the case here.
    PALMONE SHOULD FIX this with a patch(damn they suck on the software patching part), my room lights up all nigh when the t650 goes on and off.
    any third party fix i dont know about(besides profile care, which i tried)?
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    I just turn the phone over...I like in an area in North Phoenix that doesn't get the best signal, and what makes it worse is that my bedroom is the worse place in the house. My phone goes in and out of roaming and that is what I found turns it on and off.
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    Which Treo 650 are you two using? I have no such problem with my unlocked GSM model.
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    Sprint 1.12. It doesn't happen all the time. It also does it occasionally when Versamail auto connects and receives my mail and gives me the star alert in the corner.

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