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    I would like to use PQA applications with my Visor Prism connected through OmniSky and it looks like the apps. are loaded through OmniSky application. I heard that you will need to use the Web Clipping application from Palm in order to take full advantage of using PQAs apps. Is this true? One thing that I found out is that if I use ThinAir 4.0 (an email program), I can't delete email because clicking on the "Menu" brings up OmniSky's menu instead of ThinAir.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    All I did was download the PQA's to my Visor and ran them. They worked perfectly.
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    Do you use ThinAir 4.0? It allows you to check your or email from the Prism. You'll find out that you can NOT delete email from it, but ThinAir says you can from the "Menus" (See my previous post). Any ideas?

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