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    When I switch between PDA mode & Phone mode, it seems like it takes anywhere from 10-15 secs. longer than before the 1.15 update on a Cingular 650 to be able to dial out. This occurs also when an incoming call arrives. I get a white blank screen, but I can hear the caller.

    Does anyone know what is causing this??
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    Any Third Party apps installed? Have your tried soft resets? Hard resets?
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    Yes, I have 3rd party apps installed. Could they be using too much memory?? I have about 4.5MB available on the phone. I have tried numerous soft resets and hard resets. I'm gonna try re-applying the Cingular 1.15 update tomorrow to see if that helps. Any other ideas??
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    When you do your hard resets, do you try to switch back and forth without installed anything or hot syncing with your computer? When you hard reset, do you hot sync to reinstall everything or do you start from scratch like it was a brand new unit and reinstall everything one by one (basically changing the name of your sync profile in \Program Files\PalmOne (if you're a windows user)?
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    I usually re-sync by putting everything back on the way it was. But, I think I will try your idea and put everything back from scratch.

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