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    Recently my Treo 650 used to reboot everytime I turned it on. I did a hard reset and it was fine for a while.

    NOW it resets everytime I do a hotsync.


    I am running 1.28.
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    Is it gsm? Could it be the Gsm sim card issue? That would cause the exact symptoms. I thought mine was doing it at certain times, but it was related to the pressure on the phone causing the card to lose contact. When it does, it reboots. Known issue, Palm is replacing sim card drawers on gsm phones.
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    Have you installed any third party software lately?
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    Nope no new software.

    Reset happens exaclty after the hotsync. So no SIM pressure. But yes it is a GSM one.
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    Most likely a corrupt Saved Preferences file. Delete that (since you have no 3rd party software, you won't lose much).
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    I have heaps of third party software. Just nothing new since I last did a hard reset and restored everything. Only today did it start to reboot after hotsync.
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    Try the trick using a small piece of paper in the SIM tray under the SIM, this improuves the SIM contact inside the phone, if that is the problem it will fix it
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    Does Palm even bother to test these things!? A removable SIM tray seems like a good idea, but upon further review, it's just not something you need to remove all the time. A more secure SIM holder, but less accessible, would be much more intelligent and there would be no "SIM tray issue". It's like adding a quick-change alternator to a car. Sure, you can just swap out your old alternator for a new one but how often do you plan to do that? The idea of a more accessible SIM card with the other Wiley Coyote Super Genuis idea of hiding the reset hole under the battery cover makes me wonder who is designing these things. Or was is it simply a case of extreme wishful thinking? I might want to swap my SIM card from phone to phone on a daily basis. Ya never know. And none of my many Treo 650's will ever need a reset.
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    Solved it. It is damn Docs to Go. I removed it off my Palm and then tried to uninstall it off my machine..... check out the solution:

    What a load of !(&(*^#(*!#!(
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    I've heard of people reinstalling DTG and fixing problems with it.

    I've never had a problem with it, but I don't use Windows and thus don't sync DTG with anything, so that could be where I'm golden. I just copy files to my SD card.
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    Palm offers a Treo 650 SIM tray replacement

    To obtain a new SIM tray: If you've determined that the old-style SIM tray is causing your smartphone's radio to turn off unexpectedly, please contact Palm's SIM tray hotline at 866-677-7256. They will mail you a new-style SIM tray to replace your old one.
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    Docs to Go? I used it everyday in Europe for two months without an issue, it wasn't unitl I returned home and started having the sim card tray issue. Temporarily solved with folded paper.
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    Wow, maybe you should check out all available avenues of fixing something before coming on here and ranting. Sheesh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Hair
    Wow, maybe you should check out all available avenues of fixing something before coming on here and ranting. Sheesh
    ???? All available avenues. This is one of those avenues.

    Others may benefit by those links I found.

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