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    I'm at the second week of trying out a pair of 650's, from Cingular & Verizon.
    I've flashed the Verizon w/ the new "official" rom from Palm. Even prior to that, the phone has been profoudly stable, and I've loaded a lot of crap on it already, etc. One thing I can tell you with absolute certainty at this point:

    The Verizon is at least twice as loud as the Cingular. I installed VC on the Cingular, the Verizon doesn't need it. No "30 second" issue on the Verizon. Here's another interesting one: The backlight dimmer on the Verizon unit also dims the keyboard. No need for kblights off, either. But I digress.

    Verizon has infinitely better coverage & data speeds in my area, so there's essentially no decision. (we'll, I'm also testing a VX6600, but that's a different story as well...)

    To the point, Verizon aggravates the crap out of me with the way they have to cripple features.

    Has anyone succesfully spliced some of the more full-featured versions of certain apps ( The camera/camcorder/media, MMS, etc ) from another carrier into the newest Verizon rom without compromising/breaking anything else?
    I remember reading one of Shadowmite's posts to the extent that the Verizon units are more touchy regarding rom cooking. If someone has gone this way before, I could use your advice. Thanks.
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