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    I just purchased a Treo 650, I use a Powerbook with Enterouge 2004. I started reading the posts here and although super informative it is kind of scary and I am tempted to stay with my blackberry So my questions are and I would really appreicate it if someone could walk me thru what to do after I open the box? I plan on purchasing Missing Sync by Mark Space if that helps. My goal is to get my enterouge on my Treo. Some questions I have are:

    Do I need to install any palm software on my mac or do I just use missing sync to exchange the data?

    I have access to a PC as well but my contacts etc are on my mac, should I use the PC for uploading software etc to the treo or could I use the mac for everything? With the blackberry I had to use the PC for downloads etc but I have something similar to missing sync for blackberry/mac it works fine.

    For email I see something called chattermail is that what everyone recomends? I heard of something called snappermail are they both mac friendly?

    Thank you for your help in advance, sorry if this got long Im just not sure where to begin and I hate to start and get into trouble. Thanks
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    You can go ahead and install the Palm software. Just make sure to download the latest version of Hotsync from Palm first and run Disk Utility/Repair Permissions before and after running the installer. You shoudl now be able to HotSync. Missing sync provides a little more stability and a few other options but you may find you liek the Palm calendar and memos programs more than the iCal app (I do)

    You shouldn't need a PC for anything (even without Missing Sync). I've only run across a couple of Palm apps that they decided to compress using a self-expanding PC format. There are some apps that may feature software for the PC but I've never needed any.

    Snapper is mail program that downloads your mail when you tell it to (or uatomatically every x minutes) It supports POP and IMAP formats but most known for POP support.
    Chatter works well with IMAP mail that can be pushed. As soon as your mail gets to your ISP it's sent directly to your Palm so it behaves like a BlackBerry.
    Search the communicatiosn forum for detaisl and debates. As with most software (except Missing Sync) you can download demos to try out.
    These apps are all about you Palm/Treo, not your PC or Mac.
    Verizon supplies Wireless Sync which requires a PC to be running.
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    Thank you for the reply, just to clarify so I dont screw up, I am not using ical,I only use enterouge. I have no use for palm desktop either. If I have missing sync isntalled do I have to install any of the palm software that came with my treo or will the missing sync handle what I need? Or do I have to install palm software and missing sync. In going back to older posts some recomended deleting all palm software but I am unsure if that means missing sync will work by itself?
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    According to their docs you don't need Palm installed on Mac if you're not using any of their feaures, (memos, calendar, addressbook, etc)
    Do NOT install Palm software after installing Missing Sync.
    Microsoft ships with conduits for entourage.

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