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    I just got the GlobalSat BT-338 Receiver, and want to get the Tom Tom Navigator 5 software. I have been looking around and figured I could find a deal on the software somewhere. The cheapest place I've found it is, which is where the receiver is from. If anyone knows of a place I can get it for less, please point me in the right direction.

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    I bought mine at TigerGPS about a month ago. At the time it was the cheapest I could find.

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    I was going to say to check out, but Chickenhawk is right, TigerGPS does seem to be cheaper. Semsons is selling the TomTom Navigator 5 software for $129.99, but TigerGPS is selling it for $125.22. The shipping and handling charges are also a little cheaper at TigerGPS.
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    Thanks, I saw TigerGPS, and may go with them, or stick with Buygpsnow.Wasn't sure if there may be another place I haven't heard of.
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    What GPS receiver are you guys using?
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    I use the Delorme BlueLogger with TT5. I have yet to have any problems.
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    emule ... just search
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    I'm still using an i.Trek S1 Mouse GPS on my Treo 650. I originally purchase it with a serial cable for my Treo 600. Then I connected the S1 to a Bluetooth adapter to use with my Treo 650. Worked nicely for the most part, though sometimes it took a while to make the Bluetooth connection. Then I switched it yet again to a serial cable for the Treo 650 so that I would still have my Bluetooth connection available for when I receive phone calls in the car while I'm using the GPS. The extra wires are admittedly annoying, but the functionality is perfect. Also nice is that it keeps the Treo 650 charged the whole time.

    I should also say, as I've posted in other threads, that the thing that makes the whole package come together for me is the ProClip holder for my phone. It put the Treo 650 in a perfect spot for viewing in my 2000 Ford Explorer. Not cheap for a phone holder, but it really is worth it.
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