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    Hello all-

    I'm currently perplexed with my current T600.

    My previous Treo 600 showed the LED as a solid orange whenever there was an outstanding voicemail or SMS. When I received my current T600, I've been looking in the prefs to determine how to turn this feature back on, but to no avail.

    A search on here solely turned up that certain applications do this (Butler, which I don't remember installing on the first T600) - and nothing that exists by default in the T600 to address this.

    Anyone experience this before? I became used to this feature with my first T600, and would like it again (obviously).

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    Had to have been a 3rd party app. Treo Allegro perhaps?
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    Right you were, Scotty. Only after reading your reply did I remember a friend who beamed Allegro to me when I first purchased the T600.

    Thanks for waking up some of those brain cells...


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