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    That is exactly what happen to the phone. it took about 4 months to die.
    The amazing thing is , I still use the SD card that was in that phone
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    another success story
    two days ago my 1 year old daughter dunked my 700p in a cup full of watered-down apple juice. after a good panic at losing all my data, I figured I use something we use to try to restore wet computers:
    removed the battery, & bought some distilled water and washed the phone for about 5 to 10 minutes, so that only distilled water would be inside, and then let it dry for 24 hours on a window sill. (I like the idea of the silica packets, but couldn't find any).

    about an hour ago, I replaced the battery and everything is perfect!! for some reason, I thought the screen would never work again, but for my treo to survive that, it must be a well built device!
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    You guys saved my bacon! Unloaded the washing machine yesterday afternoon, and there was my 680 - waiting patiently for me, right next to the agitator. Using instruction found in this link (and some of my own common-sense) - the Treo is working just fine this morning.

    I disasembled it immediately upon finding it (case-back, battery, simcard, SDcard, pen), left it open and placed it on a low table in front of one of those little forced-air wall-heaters that are sprinkled around my house. This morning - all evidence of moisture was gone. Even the fog that appeared behind the touch screen.

    Put it all in a ziploc bag this morning, with a large desicant packet - and sealed it up. Then emailed my company's IT guy to see if this all might be covered under warranty. Wishful thinking.

    Anyway..., late morning here in New-Jeans Oh-ree-gone, and curiosity got the best of me. I assembled it all - and as soon as the battery was inserted, it fired right up. Listened to my voice mails. Touch screen worked fine. No evidence that anything's wrong at all.

    Except for a quick charge and the occasional check for voice-mail - I'm gonna leave it in that ziploc bag with the desicant for the next day or two, just to make sure.

    But so far - so good. Keeping my fingers crossed that with your help - I've narrowly averted disaster. I'll give it a thorough test on Wednesday & let you know if there are problems.
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    I dropped mine this week into some coke and followed all the insructions and it worked fine however, the red light is staying on. The phone says its on and I've used it but the light is always red. Any suggestons?

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    A small amount of orange juice leaked out of a sports bottle while in my coat pocket and got onto/in my Treo 650. Unfortunately (perhaps), I began my cleanup efforts before finding this thread. The Treo went blank and wouldn't power on. I removed the battery and gave the whole thing a good going over with a "wet wipe", squeezed as dry as I could. I then dried the entire unit with a soft cloth. Then I put the battery back in. After 10 minutes with a hair dryer, and several hours connected to a charger, it powered up with no data lost. But I am having one residual problem that I just can't seem to fix. After removing the unit from a charging souce, the battery icon still shows the lightning bolt, and tapping on the icon shows me the percent charged, and always indicates that the unit is "charging". I cannot get the unit to understand that it is not connected to a power source. I have tried soft reset, warm reset, and soft reset while plugged in to the power source. Also, the battery seems to drain very quickly now. Many of the posts above warn NOT to put the battery in or try to power up until the unit is fully dry. I didn't know, and put the battery back in after wiping it down. Do you think I killed the battery (an easy fix), or do you think I damaged the unit? If the latter, is there a way to fix my problem?
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    I had a similar experience a couple weeks ago. Dropped treo 680 in a lake! Completely submerged for a several seconds. Pulled out, opended everything, batter out asap to dry out. I did try to start again in a few hours and first no backlight, then just went dead and would not start. left overnight and the next day and tried again...Success! Things seem to work almost as normal. I do get a freeze up maybe every couple days.

    Most concerning is battery life. I had the seido extended battery, and quickly noticed a significant decrease in battery life. Today I popped in the original battery and actually seem to have the same or better life than the previously submerged extended batt. I'm guessing (and hoping) its just the battery, as a 50$ cost feels better than having to order a new treo!
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    I realized several Hours later my phone was missing, I checked with horror My newly washed and dried pants in the drawer, the last place I remember having it. I took the battery out right away and opened it up the best i could to be sure it was dry and left it over night on the top grill of a CRT monitor. The dryer did a good job of Drying it. I could not see any signs of moisture but I was taking no chances.
    The next day I powered it up and it worked and seemed my data was there but the keyboard would not work. I dissembled it completely (search Google for a nice video) (a credit card works nicely to get it apart if you don't have the special tool).
    The Keyboard connection seemed to have minor corrosion.

    Left it to dry several more hrs. clean it all up and put it back together works perfectly, what a relief. For a Bit I was thinking I was getting a new Phone!
    Thanks For the above posts they gave me much needed hope.

    As a bonus the treo is Really clean, But I recommend hand washing.
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    Sorry Neps to hear of your dilemma. Hope all is well by now! Zorro's advice was really great! Thank GOD for all of us! I've come close to some liquid issues, but so far, I've always moved my device to a protective area. I pray I never have to deal with that issue. But, as one poster put it: "Accidents do happen." Hey, maybe it would be a great idea for all of us to save up those 'silica gel packets', just in case!

    Hope you let us all know how it came out!

    Sincere Regards, Ms. X, Chicago
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    Foodie Jim:
    Seems it still has an operational issue. Best if you also follow Zorro and others advice to let the unit dry out completely. You may also try a hard reset, but got a feelin that may not help much.

    Either way, let us know outcome!

    Regards, Ms. X, Chicago
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